Investments are like a bar of soap: the more you handle them, the less you have.

Every year, the markets provide us with some important lessons about prudent investment strategy. Last year taught us 11 lessons, some of which the markets have covered many times before. In this BAM ALLIANCE client webcast, Director of Research Larry Swedroe explains what investors can learn from 2015. Approximate running time: 35 minutes.   About the Presenter Larry Swedroe, […]

By Dan Solin, Director of Investor Advocacy, The BAM Alliance I don’t know Warren Buffett. I didn’t interview him for this article. But I’m pretty sure I know what he isn’t doing to cope with the worst first four trading days in history for the S&P 500 index to begin a calendar year. Buffett isn’t listening […]

Years ago, my colleagues and I conducted a fairly large-scale research project. We interviewed a bunch of high-income professionals who provided professional services. This group included doctors, dentists and lawyers, and like most of us, they earned money only when they were working. In essence, they traded their time for dollars. Our finding was this: […]

From recent equity performance to risks facing investors in the current market environment, Chief Investment Officer Jared Kizer and Director of Investment Strategy Kevin Grogan share market insights on a range of topics and answer questions about our overall investment strategy in this BAM Alliance webcast.  

We talk about riding the ups and downs of the market… but how about the real ups and downs of the world’s tallest roller coasters?! For some fun, check out these top thrill rides from around the world. And hang onto your seats!!  

JDH Wealth Management welcomes you to join this special webinar presentation hosted by The BAM Alliance. Join us on Jan. 25 at 1:00 P.M Pacific for a live conversation and a Q&A with Chief Investment Officer Jared Kizer and Director of Investment Strategy Kevin Grogan as they share insights and answer your questions about our overall […]

By Carl Richards Some of us really like the status quo. Even when we have a better alternative, many of us are content to keep on doing what we’re doing. I think about this every time my wife and I swap cars. Depending on who is running what errands that day, we’ll switch between our […]

Tim was recently featured on The BAM Alliance website with an article he wrote about how we view the markets. The article – What Does Your Glass Look Like? – reminds readers that we shouldn’t listen only to the bad news the media sells investors. There is plenty of good news, too. And if you want to keep […]

Frank W. Abagnale is one of the world’s most respected authorities on forgery, embezzlement and secure documents. For over 40 years he has worked with, advised and consulted with hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the world. Mr. Abagnale’s rare blend of knowledge and expertise began more than 45 years ago when […]

Nobody really knows exactly when, or by how much, interest rates will rise. But that likelihood is already priced into the market. BAM Advisors Director of Fixed Income, Brian Haywood, on what you need to know if they do, and why sticking to your strategy will pay off in the end. By clicking on any […]

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