Investments are like a bar of soap: the more you handle them, the less you have.

by Tim Maurer, Director of Advisor Development at the BAM Alliance, 11/27/2018 The giving season is underway, with the holidays and year-end bearing down on us. So how can we transform one of the more stressful, and sometimes guilt-ridden, elements of the season into something more life-giving? Whether you’re giving to a family member, a […]

We wanted to share with you that Tim Delaney’s comments have been shared as part of an article in the North Bay Biz Magazine on retirement planning! Now, they stuck his picture way down on the last page, but if you take the time to read the article (and of course we think you should), […]

By Jared Kizer, Chief Investment Officer, 9/7/2018 Emerging market equities have substantially underperformed the S&P 500 Index in 2018, with the S&P 500 up 6.5 percent and emerging markets down 4.4 percent through July. As I detailed in a recent post on international developed market equities, remaining committed to a globally diversified portfolio can be challenging during […]

It’s been a whirlwind few years at JDH. Three new members joined our team. We moved in a massive way from being a paper-based firm to a digital firm. We’re even introducing online client portals this fall. How did we choose the new logo? We launched into a series of firm meetings to discuss: what […]

by Larry Swedroe, Director of Research, 6/14/2018 It’s a great tragedy that despite its obvious importance to everyone, our educational system almost totally ignores the field of finance and investments. This is true unless you go to an undergraduate business school or pursue an MBA in finance. Eighteenth-century English poet Thomas Gray wrote, “Where ignorance is […]

by Larry Swedroe, Director of Research, 6/11/2018 Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment strategies—along with the narrower category of socially responsible investing (SRI)—have gained quite a bit of traction in portfolio management in recent years. In 2016, funds based on such strategies managed about $9 trillion in assets from an overall investment pool of $40 trillion […]

by Sue Stevens, Wealth Advisor, Buckingham Strategic Wealth The advantages of a college education are numerous: potentially higher income levels over a lifetime, learning about subjects that can help in finding a job or meeting people that may help you throughout your life. But the costs can be intimidating. The most important step is just starting […]

by Larry Swedroe, Director of Research As expert poker player Annie Duke explains in her book, “Thinking in Bets,” one of the more common mistakes amateurs make is the tendency to equate the quality of a decision with the quality of its outcome. Poker players call this trait “resulting.” In my own book, “Investment Mistakes […]

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