Investments are like a bar of soap: the more you handle them, the less you have.

Sue Stevens with Buckingham Strategic Wealth, 9/6/2019 When you get to within five-to-ten years of when you expect to retire, the planning usually gets more serious. So far, you’ve probably thought about how much money to save every year, but now you need to think about lots of other issues that will guide you to […]

Doug Buchan with Buckingham Strategic Wealth,  9/16/2019 Here’s a quick tutorial for nongolfers; the rest of you skip to the next paragraph. The term “scratch” golfer refers to someone who shoots even par on average. A typical golf course has 18 holes. Each hole is either a par 3, par 4 or par 5. If […]

Copyright © 2019, Wendy J. Cook Communications, LLC The good news for parents and their college-bound kids: The U.S. Department of Education’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) makes it relatively easy to apply for federal and state, and many institutions’ financial aid opportunities in a single session. This “one-stop shopping” certainly beats having […]

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer with Buckingham, 8/20/2019 Ever since December 3, 2018, when the yield curve inverted (with the yield of 2.83 percent on the five-year Treasury note one basis point lower than the yield of 2.84 percent on the three-year Treasury note), I have been receiving calls and emails from investors worried about the impact of […]

Tim Maurer, Director of Advisor Development with BAM Alliance, 7/26/2019 Been there, done that. You’ve visited the tropics, the mountains, the lake. You’ve sailed on a cruise and made the pilgrimage to Disney, perhaps each twice or more. Most were fun, restful—maybe even restorative or memorable. But something was lacking. Something was missing. As you […]

Sue Stevens with Buckingham Strategic Wealth, 6/25/2019 Most of us have caught ourselves day dreaming about what could be someday. I see this happen a lot with clients in their 50s, but it can also happen earlier. I’m a good example of Life 2.0. I started my working years as a professional cellist. I had […]

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer at Buckingham Strategic Wealth , 7/19/2019 I’ve been getting lots of questions about the benefits of international diversification. The questions are variations of “Why do I want to own these poorly performing investments that also create currency risk?” Among the two most well-documented investment biases are home country (leading to […]

JDH is proud to announce that we have been voted “Best Of 2019” in the North Bay*! Thank you for your vote of confidence and we will continue to excel for you into the future! Here is a quote from the article in North Bay Biz’s Annual Readers’ Poll Award Guide:

Kurt Wunderlich, Associate Wealth Advisor, 5/22/2019 Young professionals beginning to accumulate wealth have grown up alongside some stunning advances in personal technology. Many such emerging investors were among the first generation for which computers in the classroom became a fixture, and they remember dialup internet. They came of age as cellphones evolved to boast more […]

The HIPAA Privacy Rule can get in your way By Susan Feinstein Last updated: August 09, 2018 Early one October morning, Sheri E. Warsh, a mother of three from Highland Park, Ill., stepped out of the shower to a ringing phone. On the other end, her 18-year-old son’s college roommate delivered terrifying news. Her son—270 miles away […]

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